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  • Teach your child not to walk over to a car whose occupants are asking directions. Most adults do not ask children for driving directions.
  • Teach your child not to ride home from school with anyone, even if they say you told them to pick up your child.
  • NEVER let your child go into a public restroom by him or herself.
  • Pay attention to threats by an ex-spouse of stealing your child.

  • In case you have to step out for a minute, role play ways of answering the door. Tell your child what to say when someone knocks on the door, then you be the stranger.
  • Teach your child to yell " You're not my Mommy" or "You're not my Daddy" in case someone in a public area tries to abduct them.
  • Does your child(ren) know your family's secret password -- just in case someone other than you needs to pick him / her up? Make up a fun password and keep your child(ren) safe. Superexbialidotious...

  • Walk the neighborhood with your child. Pick the safest routes to school and friend's houses. Discuss safe places to go in an emergency.
  • Get a passport for your child. That makes it difficult for someone else to get one for him / her. Contact the Post Office.
  • Keep fingerprints, footprints, and birth certificates of your child, as well as other means of identification.
  • Communicate with your child openly so he or she will feel comfortable telling you about problems and troubles.
  • Let your child know that it is not okay for anyone to touch them where their swimsuit covers.


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